If you're looking for entertainment or music for a special event... like a birthday party, pool party, wedding, anniversary... even commercial events like a convention reception, nightclub, store opening, wine and cheese party... whatever you may need... I have a soloist or group that can make the event sparkle.

You may want quiet music underneath the conversation or choose to be entertained by a show... or maybe you need both in the course of the same evening by the same group! I can help you make that happen!

If you already have an idea about the STYLE of entertainment (kind of music) or you know what kind of EVENT you are creating (wedding, party, reception, etc.) or you're budget concious and would prefer to see what is available by SIZE of group... we can accomodate you.

We've sorted our offerings (just as described above) by EVENT, STYLE and SIZE. Explore each soloist or group by clicking on their names and seeing a page dedicated to them. You'll find a short bio, some sound samples and photographs along with a description for each offering. If you like what you see and hear just click on the "CONTACT KIM" button at the bottom of each group's page and we'll get the process started. You can even place a deposit right here on the site through our PayPal service.

If you still have questions or need a custom entertainment design for your event feel free to CONTACT me and we'll make the magic!

~Kim Chamberlain

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